Motivation & Values

06 Sep 2019

Something to use at the start of a new school year. #primaryschools #schoolassembly #pshe #newbeginnings #britishvalues 

An Assembly for New Reception pupils

06 Sep 2019

Available form this site and from

New Pupils

06 Sep 2019

Looking for an assembly script and presentation to support new pupils? #primaryschools #schoolassembly #pshe #newbeginnings   

World Environment Day!

05 Jun 2019

This assembly is aimed at Lower Primary age range. It uses a story about the Red Moon to focus on simple environmental issues appropriate to 4-9 year olds. It introduces vocabulary about the environment and considers a few simple things … Continued

World Oceans Day – June 8th

04 Jun 2019

We have 2 assemblies for World Oceans Day. They are part of our Festivals theme. If you don’t want to buy the whole theme head to TES Resources to just get these assemblies.

MA109 Journeys

15 Apr 2019

We are currently updating this theme and adding new resources.  If you would like FREE access to one of our themes for 14 days do contact us. 

Respect Theme – for those using British Values

11 Apr 2019

If you are running low on ideas for Assemblies on #RESPECT then why not sign up for this theme? For just £10 you can have access to all 10 scripts and presentations for Primary School Assemblies for one term.  You … Continued

New Assembly for VALUES Theme

10 Apr 2019

Honesty – Building a new house This assembly demonstrates the importance of not cheating through this story about a builder. It offers opportunities to think about how the builder was feeling at different stages in the story. The underlying message … Continued

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