Welcome to our newly signed up schools

25 Aug 2016

We would like to welcome all our newly signed up schools. Materials are being uploaded each week so do check regularly for new assembly scripts and presentations.  New Beginnings has several new assemblies and more should be added in next … Continued


18 Aug 2016

We aim to save you and your school time, so if you send us your name, your school name & postcode we will give you FREE access to some materials for 2 weeks! Materials cost from £25 a term for one … Continued

More uploads!

08 Aug 2016

Last week our material authors have been busy creating new MP4 tracks for entering and exiting daily assemblies.  These are designed to give the pupils something to focus on whilst listening to the music. The focus may be on emotions, … Continued

Music and presentations to accompany children entering and exiting daily assemblies.

01 Aug 2016

Last week we added numerous MP4 files of Music and presentations to accompany children entering and exiting daily assemblies. Do check these out. Click here for some new introductory samples. Please sign up for our newsletters and regular updates in green banner at … Continued

Have a great Summer Break!

25 Jul 2016

We wish our trial Schools and Followers a very happy Summer Break. Whilst you are all (hopefully) relaxing and replenishing your energy and emotional silos, we are still beavering away creating new resources for you all to come back to in … Continued

New Assembly Scrips and Presentations

11 Jul 2016

Thank you so much to our trial schools for their suggestions and feedback! In response, we are busy creating and uploading more Assembly Scripts and Presentations every week. So keep a look out for new stories, poems and assemblies based … Continued

Newsletter 3

27 Jun 2016

Newsletter 3 has now been circulated to all signed up teachers and schools. If you have not signed up and are interested in receiving a copy once each half term, please sign up now to receive newsletters direct to your … Continued

Welcome to new schools!

06 Jun 2016

Thank you to those schools who have signed up to help us with the final phase of trialling Mirror Assemblies materials.  Let us know if you have any glitches or suggestions for improvement. We’d love to hear from you.

What’s new!

09 May 2016

Hi Mirror Assemblies Followers, You may have noticed that we have been quiet over the past week.  This was to take advantage of the Bank Holiday to update our systems and materials. Do take a look to see what’s new! … Continued

How to try some Mirror Assembly materials

25 Apr 2016

Do sign up for a newsletter or contact us for more information. New materials are being added weekly. Schools signing up before May Half term will get access to introductory materials FREE up to 4 weeks.

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