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Carolyn Booth

About Us – Mirror Assemblies Contributors

Carolyn Booth is the key contributor to Mirror Assemblies materials.  Since leaving her post as a Head Teacher of a School in St Albans, she has worked as an Education Consultant and Consultant Leader whilst creating and developing these materials.

Carolyn has extensive knowledge of the curriculum for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. She is committed to promoting and facilitating the personal development, education and enjoyment of life for all adults and all children. Throughout her teaching career, Carolyn has been passionate about building children’s self-belief and self-confidence and embraced the SEAL and SEAD materials when they were introduced to Primary Schools in 2005. Other Mirror Assemblies Contributors have given feedback and ideas for reflective Mirror Assemblies and the earlier Assembly Music Made Easy series.

Since 2014 Mirror Assemblies’ contributors having been adding British Values Theme assemblies covering the topics of

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual (Personal) Liberty (including Responsibility)
  • Respect
  • Tolerance (Acceptance) of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

More recently a few general themes have been added:-

  • Festivals
  • Journeys
  • My World
  • My Senses (to follow)

Authors have also ensured that several aspects of SMSC –Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development are included in the assemblies where appropriate.

As a busy Primary School Head Teacher, Carolyn was very aware of the need to have a simple plug and play series of materials for assemblies.  Initially, these were created on discs, but as the technology has moved forward has now had a website developed from whence the materials can be streamed.  Twelve schools were involved in the trial of these materials, their comments, feedback and ideas were sought and implemented.  Indeed, feedback,  ideas, contributions and suggestions are always welcome!

Carolyn sought the help of a professional ICT WordPress website developer to create this Mirror Assemblies website and her son, Anthony, provided the personalised Sharepoint database system. Friends and relations have also been Mirror Assemblies Contributors.

Mirror Assemblies Mission statement

Mirror Assemblies is a reflective, creative and educational organisation that is dedicated to supporting improvement in schools through high quality, resources that:

  • build time for collective and individual reflection into each day,
  • save teachers’ valuable time.
  • inspire teachers to build and strengthen their school community, its ethos and well-being
  • support the teaching of British Values
  • adds an extra dimension to music learning across the school
  • incorporate many aspects of SMSC –Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development.

We at Mirror Assemblies believe in:

  • lifelong learning – something new every day
  • timely and focused materials and support to enable others to be the best they possibly can by sharing our own experience, skills and knowledge
  • creating time for reflection in order to build pupils’ self-improvement, self-belief, confidence and emotional well-being resulting in continuous tiny improvements in lives of individuals and communities
  • Inspiring pupils to reflect on themselves on the natural world and on their roles and futures within their families, friendship groups, and the wider world
  • building a strong future generation who know themselves, can self-challenge and demonstrate perseverance and courage in achieving their own goals
  • promoting creativity, innovation and well-being
  • encouraging pupils to have a wide view of various people, beliefs and issues across the world.

What do Mirror Assemblies do?

Mirror Assemblies provides music tracks, music ppts, and assembly scripts with slides for Primary school daily assemblies in a simple stream-able format usable throughout the school year. It complements the British Values and SEAL themes as well as the long-established weekly themes, promoting values, expectations and ideals consistent with the ethos and aims of most primary schools. Many of these assemblies are suitable for faith schools.

Mirror Assemblies work in partnership with schools, listening to and responding to their feedback and ideas to continually improve and extend the quality and variety of resources. We welcome feedback at any time – it is our best way of ensuring that what we do fits and suits our customer schools

Introduction to 

Mirror Assemblies Materials and Music

The Music and Assembly Materials in each SEAL theme should provide you with a half term’s worth of music and materials to use in your Primary School daily assemblies.  They cover a broad variety of styles and genres in order to provide the pupils with a rich diet of musical listening. The music has been expressly chosen to enhance and reinforce the learning, emotions and ideas developed during the SEAL, or general, assembly theme.  Music is invaluable for focusing on moods, emotions and feelings.  However, in reality, those leading assemblies often have too little time to search for and locate suitably enhancing music and, in my experience, we tend to reach for the nearest CD regardless of content!

The extracts can be used as the children enter assembly and wait for others to arrive and for leaving the assembly, as well as for reflection time when they can sit to actively listen.  This focused listening could be for musical elements or to link the moods reflected in the music to the emotions and ideas discussed during the assembly.

Some trial schools used the music tracks in two ways:

  • Using one track for a whole week so that the pupils became familiar with it.
  • choosing the mood or emotions that they want the music to reflect or mirror in the assembly

In the trials, teachers used the Videos and Music Tracks in assemblies and in classrooms as part of their PSHE Programme and as part of Circle Time.

The materials and music have also been adapted for use to support British Values and can be searched by the topics of

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual (Personal) Liberty (including Responsibility)
  • Respect
  • Tolerance (Acceptance) of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

As well as by specific aspects such as Forgiveness, Confidence, Independence, Choices, Courage, Creativity, Honesty etc.

Schools were very enthusiastic about the music presentations and their variety. Some schools used one a day according to which age ranges were in the hall for assembly. Others used the same slide on a second day to revisit the thoughts and ideas that had been discussed around the slide earlier in the week.  One head also commented that she used the slides for her entire assembly and did not need any other materials!

I am sure there are other uses!

Please note that all tracks licenses for use in your school once purchased but that any copying without payment of appropriate Performing Rights fees would be illegal.

© Copyright – Carolyn Booth   July 2015


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