The Going for Goals! theme focuses primarily on the key aspect of motivation, with a subsidiary focus on self-awareness. It gives an important opportunity for all children’s abilities, qualities and strengths to be valued.

It contains:

  • 16 tracks covering a wide range of musical genres – all with a reflective mood.
  • The materials can be used:-
    as children lead into assembly and wait for others to arrive:
    as the key assembly message
    for a stimulus for discussion in assembly or PSHE/Circle time
    as children wait to lead out and have time to think about the assembly message.
    Some materials are for whole Primary age range and others for FS/KS1 or KS2.

The Music Tracks for Going for Goals! are:-

  1. Olympic Fanfare                                                          by John Williams
  2. There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow                      arranged by Chris Calabrese
  3. Superman – Main Theme                                             by John Williams
  4. Dream of a Lifetime                                                      by Henri Mancini
  5. Snow White Medley                                                      arranged by Chris Calabrese
  6. Shining Ambition                                                           by Jay Stapley & Steve Pearce
  7. Polka from The Bartered Bride                                     by Bedrich Smetana
  8. Allegro Vivace – 1st Movt  from The Piper of Dreams    by Christopher Ball   
  9. Of Foreign Lands and Peoples from Kinderscenen      by Robert Schumann 
  10. Mission                                                                         by Ray Russell
  11. Intermezzo from Suite in E flat                                     by Gustav Holst                                               bigstock-Climbing-The-Wall-50455073
  12. Journal                                                                         by Brian Dee
  13. Got to Go                                                                     by Ralph Salmins
  14. Home at Last                                                               by Mo Foster
  15. All’s Well That Ends Well                                             by Christopher Ball
  16. Liberty Bell                                                                  by John Philip Sousa

Linked assemblies include:-

  • Determination – Tanny Grey Thompson, Matthew Pinsent, Frederick Delius,
  • Perseverance – Vikings, the Slug! Spielberg
  • Dreams – Princess Mary Anne and the shoes
  • Keeping on track – Usain Bolt
  • Trying new things  – new foods, New Challenges, Becky’s first ballet lesson
  • Excuses – No time, No-one will help.

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If you are looking for something to:

  • Save your valuable time
  • Enhance PSHE by mirroring the feelings moods and emotions of your PSHE message in the music
  • Ensure quality assembly music each day
  • Link to the SEAL themes
  • Link to general assembly themes
  • Have music for reflecting on learning in class or assembly
  • Provide ALL your PSHE and Assembly music and materials for several weeks

Then Mirror Assemblies
could be your solution.

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