Managing feelings

In managing feelings, children use a range of strategies to recognise and accept their feelings. They can use Mirror Moods to regulate their learning and behaviour – for example managing anxiety or anger, or demonstrating resilience in the face of difficulty. (Excellence and enjoyment: learning and teaching in the primary years – Learning to learn: progression in key aspects of learning)

Intended learning outcomes  

  • I can calm myself down when I choose to.
  • I have a range of strategies for managing my worries and other uncomfortable feelings.
  • I have a range of strategies for managing my anger.
  • I understand that changing the way I think about people and events changes the way I feel about them.
  • I can change the way I feel by reflecting on my experiences and reviewing the way I think about them.
  • I know that I can seek support from other people when I feel angry, worried or sad.
  • I know what makes me feel good and know how to enhance these comfortable feelings.

Key Vocabulary – to be introduced within the theme and across the curriculum


Music Tracks for Mirror Moods

  1. The Piper Of Dreams Andante Pastorale  by Christopher Ball
  2. A Quiet Place                                            by Mo Foster
  3. Dreaming From Kinderscenen                by Robert Schumann
  4. Isparare                                                    by David C Hewitt
  5. Beneath The Southern Cross                   by John Philip Sousa
  6. How You Make Me Feel                           by Ray Russell
  7. Aubade                                                     by Christopher Ball
  8. Velvet Sky                                                by Ralph Salmins
  9. Intermezzo (Crown Of India Suite)           by Sir Edward Elgar
  10. Fluorescent                                              by  Jeff Woodall
  11. Ballade, Op 10 No 1                                 by Johannes Brahms
  12. Ships                                                        by David C Hewitt
  13. Largo From Trio Sonata                          by George Telemann
  14. Somewhere Sometime                            by Ray Russell
  15. Chaconne  From Suite In E Flat              by Gustav Holst
  16. A Day To Remember                              by Brian Dee


Assemblies for Mirror Moods

  • The Wonder of it All

If you are looking for something to:

  • Save your valuable time
  • Enhance PSHE by mirroring the feelings moods and emotions of your PSHE message in the music
  • Ensure quality assembly music each day
  • Link to the SEAL themes
  • Link to general assembly themes
  • Have music for reflecting on learning in class or assembly
  • Provide ALL your PSHE and Assembly music and materials for several weeks

Then Mirror Assemblies
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